Inspired by change
JE provides a full consultancy platform for a range of reinsurance, insurance and financial services.
With our unique blend of global and London-market expertise, clients can be assured of professionalism and a commitment to delivering high quality business solutions.
Consultants at JE have expertise in several service lines, from data migration to developing bespoke Monitoring & Evaluation and reconciliation tools, to assessing business requirements for banking and reinsurance markets and PRINCE2 project management.
Whether you are looking for a requirements analysis, feasibility study or a hands-on approach from project initiation to go-live status, JE can meet your needs.
Financial Services

Our Goal

To provide the most balanced approach by applying technology solutions to Reinsurance challenges whilst minimizing risk and ensuring business continuity.

Our Experience

In-depth industry knowledge based upon of 20 years collective experience in the reinsurance markets

  • System Implementation
  • Systems Development
  • Data Migration
  • Methodologies and Software.

Our Portfolio
Large portfolio of clients in the reinsurance industry World, with the widest suite of software applications.

Program and Project Management
Let JE Consulting establish the framework for your organisation's project, taking into consideration all the variables that would impact its viability and allow for effective implementation.

Program & Project Management

  • Responsible for running complex programs and projects, from design and development right through to production. Read more on management development.
  • Undertakes creating strategies for contingency planning and risk mitigation.
  • Planning and scheduling project goals, milestones and deliverables.
  • Defining requirements and planning the project life cycle deployment.
  • Defining resources and schedule for project and program implementation.
  • Identifying and solving project issues effectively.
  • Overseeing and directing the project team and managing conflicts within the different groups.
  • Developing RFP (Requests for Proposals) for external services.
  • Performing team assessment and evaluations.
  • Designing and maintaining project and technical documentation.
Strategic Information Technology
Our Information Technology expertise encompasses the entire System Implementation Life Cycle with particular emphases on System integration, Enterprise solutions, Process and Change Management and Project Management.
Public Sector
Enabling institutions to effectively carry out their organisational objectives is a driving force at JE Consulting. JE Consulting can manage new teams in large institutions, and can be entrusted with primary responsibility for developing and monitoring budgets and staff for a wide range of projects. Government reviews, policy evaluations and stakeholder consultations are just some of the project services we offer.
Social Accountability / CSR
Through experience gained from working with non- governmental organisations, development banks and national aid agencies, JE Consulting is well- placed to provide advisory services within international development. Our consultants are specialists in the areas of social development, poverty reduction, political economy, capacity- building and institutional reform frameworks.
With a keen understanding of the charity and not-for-profit sector, JE Consulting can provide a range of services to improve in-house management systems as well as to improve service provision to clients and other stakeholders. JE Consulting has experience with education, health and transport and is prepared to assist your organisation in fulfilling its institutional objectives.
JE consulting provides solutions for a cross-range of sectors.
The services we offer span the entire project life cycle from identifying business requirements, research, designing surveys and data capture, system implementation, and monitoring & evaluation.
Project Management
Ensuring your project flows smoothly through all stages from initiation to implementation.
Business Analysis
Formulating requirements for seamless system integration, data migration and process improvement.
Producing the right framework for interlinking complex system rules, data security and overall governance.
Impact and Risk Assessment
Assessing project feasibility, identifying potential risks to objectives and monitoring achievement of expected outcomes
Project Evaluation & Review
Establishing baseline indicators, auditing and evaluating key performance and success criteria.
Bid Process Management
Supporting with requirement development and models for bids, contract management and RFPs.
Training and Workshops
Facilitating team training and in-house workshops to make sure new systems and rules cascade through your business process.
The Parser tool enables YOU to take your data in its current format and transform it into a structure compatible with line of business applications like SICS – a process which, up until now, has proven to be costly and inefficient for Businesses/Reinsurers.

The Parser tool has been designed with the client experience in mind and we've developed an interface that will immediately feel familiar to users. With versatile and comprehensive settings configurations, the tool can be tailored to the needs of the individual and the option to save user preferences means greater efficiency when working with multiple datasets.

Seamlessly integrating with the ABLE platform, the Parser tool builds an additional layer of depth into the suite's capabilities and makes light work of an otherwise arduous and expensive process.
Able Platform
The ABLE platform allows you… to do your work.

ABLE provides an application development platform that unshackles IT departments from the limitations of existing line of business applications; with ABLE, process-oriented applications can be delivered faster and with little or no coding.

Leverage your current line of business applications, systems and technologies to create applications and workflows that can be deployed to any device, on premises or in the cloud.

Take a video tour explaining what the ABLE platform can do for you.
Reconciliation Wizard
Establishing that a migration project captures all the required data is one of the most fundamental challenges of any project. With the Reconciliation Wizard, you can build complex data reconciliation programs between multiple data sources by using an intuitive and user-friendly wizard interface.

Our tool makes it straightforward to reconcile data from different sources and target databases – allowing them to be quickly and easily compared, and any discrepancies instantly highlighted using detailed verification reports.
These are just some of the clients who have benefited from the skills that JE Consulting provides:
about us
Who we are
JE Consulting was inspired by a vision of success with understanding as its core value. Established in 2005, JE has grown from strength to strength because we understand the nature of managing projects as a structured process.

But being much more than a generalist project management business, we also understand the inherent details within reinsurance projects themselves and design software solutions for business analysis.
Where we are
Based in the South-East of England, JE Consulting was formed with the purpose of merging these two concepts of understanding: the nature of projects and their intrinsic content.

This knowledge and experience has been gained from working in these sectors ourselves and knowing the actors within them. With business analysts here supported by the core development team in Riga, JE can ensure that your project is managed end-to-end.

How we can help
With backgrounds in areas such as financial services, analysis and software development, JE can be sure to meet your corporate requirements by matching a consultant with the right skill-set for your project. Contact us to find out how.
For further information on how JE can assist with your project needs, please contact us at:
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